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T: 0115 783 8697

M: 07407 406635

Lines open Monday - Friday, 8am-8pm

Quality isn't compromised

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Recruitment process

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The Housekeeper Recruitment Process

We put a lot of effort into finding the right people to join our team and always receive high numbers of applicants which gives us great opportunity to recruit the best people.

1. Select the applicants with the CV's and covering letters that impress us the most. 

2. Phone interviews - do they sound professional? Does their availability fit for what we're recruiting for? Are they passionate?

3. Face to face interviews in applicants home.  

4. Assessment - have they got what it takes? Attention to detail, following instructions. 

5. References - applicants with glowing references are accepted only

6. Trial period working alongside a manager or team leader for on-the-job training and assessments.

Regular meetings are held to update any training or health and safety matters, give and receive 360 degree feedback and to share any feedback from Clients. We also get together for team building fun and social activities.