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T: 0115 783 8697

M: 07407 406635

Lines open Monday - Friday, 8am-8pm

Commercial Services

Commercial Cleaning





Retail Premises

Doctors Surgeries

From daily cleaning of high usage / public areas, to more in-depth weekly / monthly cleaning or one-off / deep cleaning post refurbishment, before or after special events or just to get on top of things.  

Whatever your requirements, we strive to ensure we exceed your expectations with our professionalism, efficiency and high standards gained through our attention to detail. 

Why use a cleaning company?

First impressions count! And they are almost impossible to reverse or undo. They set the tone for any relationship that follows.

Whether trying on clothes, eating out, sitting in a waiting area or using public restrooms, a lack of cleanliness will never give you the fantastic first impression that is so important.

Hygiene and sanitation are equally important. The last thing any establishment needs is a reputation or media nightmare about someone who left your establishment having become infected with a harmful or even deadly bacteria. 


Highly visible and high risk areas should always be a priority, without forgetting the less seen areas which can become an eyesore if not maintained.

Smears on windows, dusty light fittings, hard limescale on taps or built up scum in crevices...

With our experience and training, we know what to look for, which products work best and the most efficient methods to use to give the best results.

Why choose Clean Living HK?

All services are tailored to your specific requirements and the needs of your premises. We offer a fully managed service, with regular service inspections to ensure standards stay at the top.

The Clean Living team are our biggest asset.  A lot of effort is put into ensuring we recruit the best and develop their current skills and knowledge with regular on-the-job and off-premises training and assessment. For more info on our team please click here.  

A personalised cleaning schedule and daily diary is created after a full analysis of your premises. The diary includes daily duties to be completed alongside weekly, monthly or 6 monthly tasks. We break this down to generally give us at least one rotational area to be completed each day. 

This ensures all areas of your premises are cleaned and maintained throughout the year